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4-color scarf in 100% Cashmere Cariaggi


Explore artisanal elegance with the 4-color scarf: 100% Cariaggi. A combination of style and comfort, perfect for any occasion.

Outstanding Features:

  • Composition: 100% Cariaggi cashmere, for maximum quality.
  • Unique Design: 4 Band "Palette" Scarf, 2/28 Count.
  • Easy maintenance: Consult the instructions on the site for optimal care.
  • Lightweight: Approximately 220 grams of body-hugging luxury.

Wear the 4-color scarf and embellish your look with the warmth and elegance of cashmere. Every detail is taken care of with passion to offer you an experience of authentic luxury. Rediscover timeless comfort with the 4-color scarf.


Thanks to this exclusive assistance service, you will be able to preserve the beauty and softness of your garment over time (see the dedicated section for further details).

Wash the item carefully and then rinse it well to remove all soap residue. If you prefer to use the washing machine, make sure you select the delicate cycle, the wool cycle or hand wash, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Use a short cycle and low spin. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents that could damage the cashmere fiber.

Handcrafted packaging plays a fundamental role in protecting your precious garment during transport. This bag is designed to prevent dust, making it perfect for long-term storage of your cashmere garment.

Spedizione gratuita

4-color scarf in 100% Cashmere Cariaggi

Perché rispetta l’ambiente

Our 100% Cariaggi cashmere sweaters are not only synonymous with luxury and comfort, but also represent our commitment to respecting the environment. Every sweater purchased has not just one life, but infinite ones, thanks to the Second Life initiative. We take every worn sweater and transform it with artisan skill into a renewed garment. This tradition transmigrates from father to son, offering a timeless treasure that continues to bring warmth and affection. Let your sweaters come to life, every stitch added is an ode to sustainability, every stitch is an act of love for our planet . We are proud to help preserve the beauty of nature while accompanying you with style and authenticity on all your adventures.

Come prendersi cura del capo

Our 100% Cariaggi cashmere is obtained from Mongolian goat hair and is suitable for washing in water, both by hand (recommended option) and in the washing machine. However, if your cashmere item has stains, dry cleaning is the preferable option. Always remember to turn the garment inside out to protect it. To hand wash, use cold water and a mild detergent. Alternatively, you can also use a baby shampoo to keep the fiber extremely soft. Wash the item carefully and then rinse it well to remove all soap residue. If you prefer to use the washing machine, make sure you select the delicate cycle, the wool cycle or hand wash, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Use a short cycle and low spin. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents that could damage the cashmere fiber.

After washing, remove excess water from the garment by gently rolling it in a towel. Next, lay the product out on a flat surface and let it dry at room temperature, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. This will help maintain the shape and softness of your cashmere. If necessary, you can iron the garment at a low temperature using a protective cloth to avoid damage to the fibre. By following these simple instructions, you will be able to enjoy the beauty and softness of your 100% Cariaggi cashmere for a long time.

Pack e conservazione del capo

The packaging that will accompany our products is made entirely by hand and plays an essential role in protecting your garment during transport. This bag, in addition to being an elegant package, has anti-dust properties, which also makes it ideal for long-term storage of your cashmere garment. We strongly advise you to keep this special packaging in which the product will arrive, designed specifically to keep your garment safe from insects and in perfect condition over time.

To remove any creases, turn the garment inside out and proceed to iron at low temperature, placing a cloth between the cashmere and the iron. Never iron directly on the garment. Pilling is common in cashmere fabrics due to the shorter fibers compared to wool. When this starts to become noticeable, you can easily remove it using a cashmere-specific comb.

To carry out this operation, it is advisable to spread the shirt on a hard, flat surface, then brush from top to bottom with short movements, applying moderate pressure. This process will make the garment appear as if it were new. After the first pilling removal session, the fabric will tend to form fewer knots, but it is still a good practice to repeat this operation once a season.

Tempi di consegna

The garment will be delivered in 10 days, a period that includes the time necessary to carefully and carefully create every detail of your handcrafted product. It is a necessary wait to ensure that your garment is of impeccable quality and meets your expectations to the fullest. Patience will be rewarded with a unique and extraordinary product.


Il tuo regalo, il tuo stile, la tua dedica. Il nostro cashmere, una tela perfetta che prende il respiro, il sentore la forma delle tue storie per creare un regalo che trascende il tempo.


Esplora la nostra gamma di prodotti, dalla linea classica o contemporanea. Ogni capo in cashemere è un’estensione di uno stile distintivo.


Conferisci un tocco personale. le tue parole dipinte a mano su seta diventano parte dell’anima del maglione, raccontando la tua storia unica.


Un dono oltre le aspettative. Ogni capo in cashmere sorprende per la sua unicità e profondità emozionale, per donare un regalo unico, come chi lo riceve


Vestibilità perfetta, colore intramontabile e comfort assicurato. Dietro ogni filo c'è un impegno per la qualità, la resistenza e la morbidità senza paragoni. Scopri il motivo per cui abbiamo scelto Cariaggi come partner esclusivo.


Ogni filo di cashmere racconta una storia, ogni nodo è un capitolo di emozioni condivise. Riprendiamo i maglioni e li trasformiamo con abilità artigianale in capi rinnovati. Lasciamo che la tradizione trasmigrerà da padre in figlio, offrendo un tesoro senza tempo che continua a portare calore e affetto. Lasciate che i vostri maglioni rivivano, ogni punto aggiunto è un'ode alla sostenibilità, ogni cucitura è un atto di amore per il nostro pianeta.


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