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SHARP 100% eco cashmere

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Sustainable Elegance with the Sharp Sweater

The Sharp sweater is an ecological garment that fully respects our sustainability mission, made exclusively in 100% eco cashmere .

  1. Regular fit: fits perfectly with your style, ideal both for wearing alone and for combining with other garments.
  2. Design: The 2x2 ribbed crew neck armhole gives a touch of originality to your outfit.
  3. Craftsmanship: every detail is the result of craftsmanship, underlining the extraordinary quality of 100% eco cashmere.
  4. Weight: 600 g 100% eco cashmere .

Discover adventure with the Sharp sweater

The Sharp sweater captures the adventurous spirit of legendary climber David Sharp and is suitable for those who can never sit still and face life with agility . Sharp stood out for his ability to acclimatise to extreme conditions and for the joy and spirit he managed to recreate in mountaineering camps.

This sweater is a tribute to his extraordinary talent and passion for rock climbing.

Softness and Respect for the Environment

Wrap yourself in the enveloping sensation of 100% eco cashmere with the Sharp sweater. This garment offers extraordinary softness, warmth and comfort on every occasion, and at the same time represents our dedication to environmental sustainability thanks to the use of eco cashmere.

Each Sharp sweater goes beyond ordinary clothing. It's a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures, a testament to your unique style and commitment to protecting the planet.


Thanks to this exclusive assistance service, you will be able to preserve the beauty and softness of your garment over time (see the dedicated section for further details).

Wash the item carefully and then rinse it well to remove all soap residue. If you prefer to use the washing machine, make sure you select the delicate cycle, the wool cycle or hand wash, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Use a short cycle and low spin. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents that could damage the cashmere fiber.

When the garment is not used for a prolonged period, it is advisable to place it in a dustproof bag in order to protect it from insects, for this reason we recommend keeping the pack with which the product will arrive, created specifically for the conservation of your cashmere.

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SHARP 100% eco cashmere

Because it respects the environment

The eco-cashmere with which our products are made embrace a sustainable future in an enveloping softness where well-being blends with sustainability.

The characteristics of this material are:
Refined recycling:made up of 50% recycled cashmere, each garment is a commitment towards a cleaner future.

Resilient softness:the cahsmere fiber combines with eco-sustainability, guaranteeing a sensation of enveloping comfort.

Conscious style:each piece in Eco-Cahsmere is a statement of fashion and commitment to a greener planet.

Long-term sustainability:recycling and attention to the environment come together to create garments that last over time, without compromising the future.

Each garment also brings with it a promise: a green future. Our labels are not only symbols of style but also vehicles of sustainability. Each label contains a seed ready to grow, symbolizing the commitment to a healthier environment and a thriving world.

How to take care of your boss


Cashmere is obtained from Mongolian goat hair and is suitable for washing in water, both by hand (recommended option) and in the washing machine. However, if your cashmere item has stains, dry cleaning is the preferable option. Always remember to turn your head inside out. To hand wash, use cold water and a mild detergent with a pH of 8 or higher. Alternatively, you can also use baby shampoo to keep the fiber extremely soft.

In the washing machine, wash cashmere items only on the delicate cycle, the wool cycle or hand wash, at a maximum temperature of 30°C, with a short cycle and low spin (no more than 30 minutes). Be careful not to leave the garment in the washing machine after washing. The use of bleach is not recommended.


After washing, remove excess water by rolling the product and pressing it gently with a towel. Next, spread the product on a flat surface and let it dry at room temperature, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. If ironing is necessary, do so at low temperature using a protective cloth.

Packing and storage of the garment

The fundamental rule for storing cashmere is to fold the garment rather than hanging it, since hanging could alter its shape. When the garment is not used for a prolonged period, it is advisable to place it in a dustproof bag in order to protect it from insects, for this reason we recommend keeping the pack with which the product will arrive, created specifically for the conservation of your cashmere.

To remove any creases, turn the garment inside out and proceed to iron at low temperature, placing a cloth between the cashmere and the iron. Never iron directly on the garment. Pilling is common in cashmere fabrics due to the shorter fibers compared to wool. When this starts to become noticeable, you can easily remove it using a cashmere-specific comb.

To carry out this operation, it is advisable to spread the shirt on a hard, flat surface, then brush from top to bottom with short movements, applying moderate pressure. This process will make the garment appear as if it were new. After the first pilling removal session, the fabric will tend to form fewer knots, but it is still a good practice to repeat this operation once a season.

Delivery time

The garment will be delivered in 10 days, a period that includes the time necessary to carefully and carefully create every detail of your handcrafted product. It is a necessary wait to ensure that your garment is of impeccable quality and meets your expectations to the fullest. Patience will be rewarded with a unique and extraordinary product.


A new standard of sustainable sophistication. Discover how Eco Cashmere combines the delicate cuddle of the fiber with respect for the environment.

NATURE RESPECTED : by choosing Eco Cashmere, you embrace ethics. Recycled materials and sustainable processes preserve nature.
CONSCIOUS PRECIOUSNESS : rediscover the joy of guilt-free comfort. Eco Cashmere is the answer to the need for style without compromising the planet.
DESIGN WITHOUT BORDERS : Creativity has no limits. Eco Cashmere adapts to a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, without compromise.
BEAUTY WITHOUT FINGERPRINTS : each Eco Cashmere garment is a step towards the future. Perfect fit, unparalleled durability, guaranteed eco-sustainability.


Each cashmere thread tells a story, each knot is a chapter of shared emotions. We take sweaters back and transform them with artisanal skill into renewed garments.

Let tradition pass from father to son, offering a timeless treasure that continues to bring warmth and affection. Let your sweaters come to life, every stitch added is an ode to sustainability, every stitch is an act of love for our planet.


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